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Vintage hockey, Wire, Press and other Media Photos
1920 to 1940 Boston Bruins Media guide, Yearbook or Program cover photos
1929 Dit Clapper photo 1939 Dit Clapper cover photo 1939 Dit Clapper issue 3 photo 1949 Brimsek Media Guide photo
All four of these photos came from a photographer in the Boston area. All four photos were used either in a Boston Bruins media guide, yearbook or program cover.
Far Left: Photo of a very young Dit Clapper and is probably from 1928 or 1929.
Second photo from the left: Photo of Dit Clapper; marked on the back as a  1939 cover photo.
Second photo from the right: Photo of Dit Clapper; marked on the back as 1939 issue # 3 photo.
Far right photo: Photo of Frank Brimsek; marked as a 1949 guide photo.
Girding for the fray - 12/28/1925
Jake Forbes wire photo
Highly paid professional hockey stars take as much care of themselves as they can, and make sure before they enter a rough game that all their equipment is in perfect order. The above photos shows two stars of the New York Professional Hockey Team getting ready for their game Saturday night in Madison Square Garden against the Pittsburgh Pirates which they won, 3-1. Photo shows Red Green and Vernon Forbes, girding themselves for the fray. 12/28/25
Boston Bruins prepare for Season - 11/05/1931
1931 Bruins wire photo
Manager Art Ross of the Boston Bruins Hockey Team is seen talking things over with his defense men during the initial practice of the squad in the Arena in Boston, November 3rd. Left to right: Captain Lionel Hitchman, Eddie Shore, Manager Ross, George Owen, and Joe Jerwa. 11/5/31
Rangers lose hockey opener - 11/06/1931
Vic Desjardin wire photo
Victor Desjardin (above) right wing on the New York Rangers Ice Hockey Team which lost the National Hockey League opener on November 15th, to Detroit by a score of 2-1. 11/16/31
Black Hawks Doing Battle - 01/1936
wire2.jpg (76809 bytes)
Marty Burke and Johnny Gottselig doing battle over a loose puck. 01/1936
Cups in sight for Bruins - 03/24/1936
Eddie Shore and Stanley Cup wire photo
Boston.... Captain Eddie Shore of the Boston Bruins Hockey Club shown here today getting a line on the famous mug before he led his charges against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Garden. Teams made initial game of the Stanley Cup Play Offs. 3/24/36
Scramble at Goal - 12/31/1936
1936 Bruins wire photo
In this scramble in front of the Boston Bruins goal in the game with the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden tonight, Thompson, the Boston Goalie, is down on the ice as other players dash for the puck. No. 15 is Watson of the Rangers, No. 12 is Hollett of Boston and No. 16 is Getliffe, also of Boston. 12/31/1936
Boston Bruins defeat the New York Americans - 12/30/1937
1937 Bruins and Americans wire photo
Boston Bruins defeat the New York Americans 1 to 0 in the last two minutes of play at a hockey game at the Madison Square Garden. # 1 photo shows New York Americans battling for possession of the puck, Ching Johnson (right) and goalie Robertson (center) and Happy Day (left) about to hit puck, Hooley Smith and Weisman are holding back a Boston Player. 12/30/1937
Earl Robinson, Paul Goodman, Russ Blinco, Baldy Northcott & Joffne Desilets - 11/1938
wire1.jpg (91945 bytes)
November 1938 wire photo of the Chicago Black  Hawks Earl Robinson, Paul Goodman, Russ Blinco, Baldy Northcott and Joffne Desilets
Bob Gracie, acquired from the Montreal club - 12/13/1938
1938 Bob Gracie wire photo
Bob Gracie, left wing of the Black Hawks, who was recently acquired from the Montreal club in a straight cash transaction is expected to help the Black Hawks on offense. 12/13/1938
Frank Brimsek, Sensational Goalie for the Bruins - 12/22/1938
1938 Frank Brimsek wire photo
Frank Charles Brimsek, sensational goalie for the Boston Bruins, has six shutouts in seven starts to his credit. Another 36 minutes will give him an all-time scoreless record. Upper left: On guard. Right: ready to attack. Lower left: Shoots puck out of danger. Right: At home in a scramble. 12/22/38
Ace of the Boston Bruins Hockey Team - 12/29/1938
1938 Frank Brimsek wire photo 2
New York City - Frank Brimsek, amazing goalie of the Boston Bruins, is pictured in a new close-up here Dec. 29th. His great defense was unsuccessful against the New York Americans during the game in Madison Square Garden. Tommy Anderson plastered the puck past him for a score two minutes and four seconds after the second period's start. 12/29/38
Sharp Shooter, Bill Cowley - 03/13/1939
1939 Bill Cowley wire photo
New York, Narch 13 -- SHARP SHOOTER-- Bill Cowley, high score man of the National Hockey League's leading team, the Boston Bruins, is set for the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the New York Rangers which open here March 21. He tapes a stick after last night's 4-2 "preview" win over the Rangers here. 03/13/39
Defense "n" Offense - 01/03/1940
1940 Paul Goodman wire photo
Black Hawk goalie Paul Goodman who turned in the team's first shutout of the season agaist Detroit, Monday, and Phil Hergesheimer, another newcomer, personify Manager Paul Thompson's quest for a tighter defense and a heavier offense. 01/03/1940
Rangers beat Bruins 4-0 in Playoff game at the Garden - 03/19/1940
1940 Bruins Playoff wire photo
Action around the Bruin goal in the 2nd period. Left to right., Crawford of the Bruins; Hextall of the Rangers (who just tried for the goal); Brimsek, Bruin goalie (behind Heller); Heller (3) of the Rangers; and A. Jackson of the Bruins....
Paul Goodman, New Man In The net - 11/05/1940
1940 Paul Goodman playoffs wire photo
Paul Goodman, goalie of the Chicago Black Hawks is the new man in the net for the Black Hawks. He is expected to help the Black Hawks reach the Playoffs. 11/05/1940
Bruins beat Rangers 5-3, set winning record - 02/13/1941
1941 Bruins and Rangers wire photo
Bruins beat Rangers, 5-3, to set winning record, New York City. These are the men of the Boston Bruins who scorde the five goals at Madison Square Garden tonight which gave their team a 5-3 victory over the New York Rangers and a new National League Record of twenty straight victories. They are, left to right: Wiseman, Cowley, Dumart and Bauer. 02/13/41
Their tallies won third for Bruins - 04/11/1941
1940 Bruins Stanley Cup wire photo
Detroit, Mich..... Here are the three stalwarts of the Boston Bruins who scored the three goals that clinched the third straight victory for their side in the best-of-seven game series for the Stanley Cup against the Detroit Red Wings at Detroit last night. They are Art Jackson, Milt Schmidt and Eddie Wiseman, making merry after the victory. The score was Bruins, 3; Detroit, 2. 04/11/1941
Hot stuff on ice - 12/05/1942
1942 Bruins Kid Line wire photo
Boston Mass....The new "Kid" line of the Boston Bruins makes quite a showing amid the powdered ice as they go through a workout at the Garden. Left to right are Jack Shill, Don Gallinger and Bep Guidolin.12/05/42
Test Rangers defense tonight - 10/31/1948
1948 Kraut Line wire photo
The starting forward line of the Boston Bruins, who invade the Garden for the first time tonight to meet the New York Rangers. Left to right: Jimmy Peters, right wing; Milt Schmidt, center, and Woody Dumart, left wing. 10/31/48
All hockey memorabilia and their images are the exclusive property of the owner and may not be reprinted, copied or used without written permission from the owner. For licensing or other questions please contact

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