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Hockey Memorabilia from the estate of George Hainsworth:
George Hainsworth's 1917 Toronto Kew Beach City Senior Champions Medal
hainsworthmedal.jpg (66819 bytes) hainsworthmedal2.jpg (39911 bytes)
George Hainsworth played for the Kew Beach Toronto, City Senior team in 1917. His son, Bill tells me that this was probably in the Balmy Beach area which is (or was) a suburb of Toronto. This medal was presented to him for being champions of the City Senior league that year.
From 1917-1922 he played for the Kitchener Greenshirts of the OHA Sr. League and then played for the Saskatoon Crescents of the WCHL from 1923 until 1926. He then joined the Montreal Canadiens for the 1926-27 season.
This is most likely one of the earliest pieces of memorabilia avilable from the great Hainsworth's playing days.
George Hainsworth, 1961 Hockey Hall of Fame induction commemorative tray
hainsworthtray.jpg (94004 bytes) hainsworthtrayphoto.jpg (51145 bytes)
The photo on the right shows at least three people being presented with these silver platters on October 4th, 1961. The lady on the far right in the photo is the widow of George Hainsworth, who tragically had been killed in a car accident in 1950. She is receiving the tray (pictured above) on his behalf.
I can identify the gentleman in the middle, receiving his tray and shaking hands, as Milt Schmidt.
Milt Schmidt was also inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in June of 1961, at the same time as George Hainsworth. I believe that the occasion for the presentation of the trays was a benefit game for the Hockey Hall of Fame or NHL old-Timers
(I am not exactly sure)
The top and bottom of the tray are engraved as follows:
George Hainsworth began his minor hockey when the family moved to Berlin, Ontario (renamed Kitchener after the First World War). The 5'5", 180 pound netminder starred with the Kitchener Juniors of the Ontario Hockey Association and quickly moved up through intermediate and senior ranks winning the Allan Cup in 1918.
Hainsworth launched his pro career as a 28 year old rookie in the Western Canada Hockey League with Newsy Lalonde's Saskatoon Crescents (later the Sheiks) and starred for three years until that league folded. Upon the recommendation of Lalonde, he replaced Georges Vezina in the Canadiens goal. At 31 years of age, Hainsworth was an experienced rookie who wasted no time in establishing himself in the NHL.
Assuming the goaltending mantle from Vezina for the 1926-27 season, he became the first winner of the Vezina Trophy as the best goaltender in the NHL for allowing the fewest goals over the course of a season, and captured the award for the next two seasons as well. He won a pair of Stanley Cups with Montreal, in 1929-30 and 1930-31. In 1928-29 he set two records for goaltending that will never be challenged. He turned in 22 shutouts in 44 games and posted a goals against average of 0.98 goals allowed per game.
Because of his calm, unflappable nature used to drive opponents to distraction while lending confidence to the Canadiens players, Hainsworth received an unusual accolade when he was appointed team captain in 1932-33. He possessed the ability to communicate his confidence and calm to his teammates through solid, sometimes spectacular performances. Over the course of his career with the Canadiens, Hainsworth logged 75 shutouts in the regular season and six more in the playoffs while maintaining a goals against average of 1.85.
During his seventh year with the Canadiens he was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs for fellow netminder Lorne Chabot. In, Toronto, he posted goals against averages of 2.48, 2.28 and 2.20 in three full seasons. He started a fourth season with the Leafs but was replaced with an impressive rookie named Turk Broda. Hainsworth returned to the Canadiens in 1936-37 before retiring from professional hockey.
Best season/league leading statistics:
Led the OHA in wins (3) with the Berlin Union Jacks, 1911-12
Led the OHA Sr. in wins with the Berlin City Seniors, 1912-13 (3), 1913-14 (7), 1914-15 (5), 1915-16 (8)
Led the OHA Sr. in shutouts (1) with the Berlin City Seniors, 1915-16
Led the OHA Sr. in GAa with the Berlin City Seniors, 1913-14 (1,57), 1914-15 (1,80)
Led the OHA Sr. in wins with the Kitchener Greenshirts, 1917-18 (9), 1919-20 (6)
Led the OHA Sr. in shutouts with the Kitchener Greenshirts, 1919-20 (1), 1920-21 (3), 1921-22 (1)
Led the OHA Sr. in GAA with the Kitchener Greenshirts, 1917-18 (3,44), 1919-20 (2,00)
Led the WCHL in games played with the Saskatoon Crescents, 1923-24 (30), 1924-25 (28)
Led the WCHL in minutes played with the Saskatoon Crescents, 1923-24 (1871), 1924-25 (1698)
Led the WCHL in shutouts with the Saskatoon Crescents, 1923-24 (4)
Led the WHL in games played (30) with the Saskatoon Crescents, 1925-26
Led the NHL in games played, 1926-27 (44), 1927-28 (44), 1928-29 (44), 1930-31 (44), 1931-32 (48), 1932-33 (48)
Led the NHL in wins (25), 1931-32
Led the NHL in shutouts, 1926-27 (16), 1928-29 (22), 1929-30 (4)
Led the NHL in GAA, 1927-28 (1,05), 1928-29 (0,92)
Led the NHL in playoffs games played, 1929-30 (6), 1930-31 (10)
Led the NHL in playoffs minutes played, 1929-30 (481), 1930-31 (722)
Led the NHL in playoffs wins, 1929-30 (5), 1930-31 (6)
Led the NHL in playoffs shutouts, 1929-30 (3), 1930-31 (2)
Led the NHL in playoffs GAA, 1929-30 (0,75)

Born: Toronto, Ontario, June 26, 1895
Died: Gravenhurst, Ontario, October 9, 1950
Inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame: 1961
1923 Saskatoon Crescents, Western Hockey League
1923 Saskatoon Crescents
Team Line-up:
Back Row: R. Smith, J. Matz, Doc. Nagel, W. Elmer, W. (Bill) Cook, L. Rose, R. Read (trainer), L. Berlanquette
Front Row: L. Scott, H. Cameron, George Hainsworth, "Newsy" LaLonde, P. Stevens
1930 or 1931 Montreal Canadiens hockey team photo
3031canadienshainsworth.jpg (365836 bytes)
Team Line-up:
Back row, left to right: Albert Leduc, S. Mantha, Lacroix, Kennedy, Disken, Johnny Gagnon
Front row, left to right: Howie Morenz, Herb Gardiner, Cecil Hart, Pit Lepine, unidentified, Wildor Larochelle,George Hainsworth, Hart, unidentified, Letournea, Dufour, Mckenna, Jules Dugal
(All players identified to the best of my knowledge)
1912 George Hainsworth Berlin O.H.A. Junior Team photo
1912hainsworth.jpg (108909 bytes)
1924 George Hainsworth Saskatoon Crescents postcard
hainsworthcrescentspostcard.jpg (111823 bytes)
1934 George Hainsworth Maple Leafs photo
hainsworthaftergame.jpg (102109 bytes)
George Hainsworth shows his son his goaltending pose
hainsworthandson.jpg (139366 bytes)
George Hainsworth "Deckel Edge" Leafs photo
hainsworthdeckleedge.jpg (132940 bytes)
George Hainsworth and the "Kraut Line"
hainsworthandkrautline.jpg (52081 bytes)
Shutout King Article from 1929
hainsworthshutoutking.jpg (105551 bytes)
George Hainsworth, Canadiens goalie, was the league's leading goalie last season in the matter of having the greatest number of shut-out victories to his credit. This season Hainsworth is just as hard to beat.
All hockey memorabilia and their images are the exclusive property of the owner and may not be reprinted, copied or used without written permission from the owner. For licensing or other questions please contact

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