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This site would not be possible without the research,knowledge and hard work of many individuals. I want to mention a few that made much of this site possible.

1) Frank Liebermann: He has put a lot of time and effort into developing a number of hockey sites. Among them is a site specifically dedicated to the Portland Buckaroos and old Western Hockey League. I would often go to his site and browse through it with great interest. So I want to than Frank Liebermann for all his hard work and inspiration. You can also visit Frank's many hockey websites at: Frank's site features tons of statistics and history on the Salt Lake Golden Eagles, El Paso Raiders, San Diego Gulls and a host of other hockey sites and information services.

2) Ed Long: Ed spent many years acquiring every piece of Buckaroo memorabilia he could get his hands on. He was passionate about the Buckaroos and took every opportunity to add to his collection. I first had the chance to speak to Ed in 2001 while researching the Buckaroos. After several conversation over the course of a year, Ed invited me to visit with him and to see his collection. Several years later when the time came for him to part with the collection, Ed gave me a call. He stated that it was very important for the collection to stay in Oregon and to go to somebody with the same passion for the Buckaroos as he had. I shared my desire with him to develop a site dedicated to the Portland Buckaroos and he thought that was a great idea. So, after negotiating a deal, I was able to take posession of the Buckaroo collection in June 2004. I will always be grateful to Ed for entrusting his collection of Buckaroo memorabilia to me.

3) Kirk Findlay: Kirk Findlay has been an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration for me as I have developed and researched the Portland Buckaroos and the old Western Hockey League. Kirk did countless hours of research while preparing to write, edit and direct his video titled "The History of Ice Hockey In Portland - Featuring the Buckaroos". It was part of the reason why I started this web site. After watching the video many times, I decided that I wanted to document the history of the Portland Buckaroos on the web in order to keep the memory of the team alive. Kirk also is the source of many of the most important pieces of memorabilia in my collection, such as Andy Aitkenheads 1936-37 and 1938-39 jersey; the signed Saskatoon player photos and numerous other items. All of these items were given to Kirk by Violet Aitkenhead (Andy Aitkenheads widow). Kirk got to know Violet very well during the time he made the video and maintained his friendship with her up until the time she passed away. In closing, Kirk also aided me in reasearch for the upcoming book that will be published in October 2007 by Arcadia Publishing. Without Kirk's passion for the Portland Buckaroos the site would probably never have been created. Thank you Kirk!

4) is by far the largest and most comprehensive database of hockey statistics anywhere!! Ralph Slate in Springfield Mass is the owner of I have never met Ralph or even had the privilige of speaking to him, however he has been an inspiration and big help as I build and update my site. Without guys like Ralph and all his efforts to compile hockey statistics, many of our sites would be lacking a lot of information. In closing, I cannot image the hundereds (or thousands) of hours that go into creating and updating Hats off to Ralph for all his hard work! If you love hockey then you need to visit
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All hockey memorabilia and their images are the exclusive property of the owner and may not be reprinted, copied or used without written permission from the owner. For licensing or other questions please contact

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