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PCHA/PCHL History, Hockey Team Photos And Vintage Hockey Memorabilia - Page 1
Pacific Coast Hockey Association History
The Pacific Coast Hockey Association was a professional ice hockey league in western Canada, operating from 1911 to 1924 when it merged with the Western Canada Hockey League. During this time, the PCHL was considered to be one of the major leagues of hockey.

The PCHA was founded by Frank Patrick and Lester Patrick with three teams: the New Westminster Royals, the Victoria Aristocrats, and the Vancouver Millionaires. Although they did not challenge for the Stanley Cup the first year, the defeat of the 1913 Stanley Cup champion Quebec Bulldogs in an exhibition series (it would have been an official series had the Bulldogs decided to put the Cup on the line) by the Aristocrats gave the league a good deal of status. An agreement between the National Hockey Association and the PCHA was made in 1915 where the two league champions would face each other for the Stanley Cup. That year also saw the first Stanley Cup champions from the PCHA, when the Millionaires defeated the Ottawa Senators in a best-of-five series.

1916 saw the first American team, the Portland Rosebuds (formerly the Royals) playing for the Stanley Cup, while the Seattle Metropolitans was the first American team to win the Stanley Cup the following year.

In 1921, the Western Canada Hockey League, another western major league of hockey, was formed, and the Stanley Cup playoffs was modified to include teams from the WCHL. The following two years, which would turn out to be the last two years of the PCHA, the league played interleague games with the WCHA. Interestingly, the last year of the PCHA had the three remaining teams all finish with under-.500 records.

In 1924, the Vancouver Maroons folded, and the two remaining teams joined the Western Hockey League (formerly the WCHL), ending the life of the PCHA. The Victoria Cougars would win the Stanley Cup in 1925, but this win would be the last by a non-NHL team, and the last by a team from the west for a long time. This new league would also not last long, as the WHL were unable to match the

NHL's American expansion and their player salaries, which led the Patrick brothers to sell players or, in the case of the Portland Rosebuds (not to be confused with the Rosebuds of the PCHA) and the Victoria Cougars, the team itself. The Rosebuds would become the present-day Chicago Black Hawks, while the Cougars became the modern-day Detroit Red Wings.
Teams of the Pacific Coast Association, 1911 to 1924
New Westminster Royals (1911-1914)
Portland Rosebuds (1914-1918)
Seattle Metropolitans (1915-1924)
Spokane Canaries (1917-1918)
Vancouver Millionaires (1911-1924)
Victoria Aristocrats (1911-1916, 1918-1922)
Victoria Cougars (1922-1924)

Champions of the Pacific Coast Association, 1911 to 1924 

1911-12 - New Westminster Royals
1912-13 - Victoria Aristocrats
1913-14 - Victoria Aristocrats
1914-15 - Vancouver Millionaires
1915-16 - Portland Rosebuds
1916-17 - Seattle Metropolitans
1917-18 - Vancouver Millionaires
1918-19 - Seattle Metropolitans
1919-20 - Seattle Metropolitans
1920-21 - Vancouver Millionaires
1921-22 - Vancouver Millionaires
1922-23 - Vancouver Maroons
1923-24 - Vancouver Maroons
Pacific Coast Hockey League History
The Pacific Coast Hockey League (PCHL) Operated in three periods between the late 1920's and the early 1950's (1928-1931 and 1936-1941 and 1945-1952). In 1952 it merged with the Western Canada Senior Hockey League to form the Western Hockey League (WHL).

1928 - 1931: Consisted of a four team league that started with the Portland Buckaroos, Seattle Eskimos, Vancouver Lions and Victoria Cubs. The Victoria franchise folded and was replaced by the Tacoma Tigers in the final season of this version of the league.

1936 - 1941: Again, the League included four teams: The Oakland Clippers (which became the Spokane Clippers during the first season), Portland Buckaroos, Seattle Seahawks and Vancouver Lions. The Spokane Clippers missed the 1939-40 season but returned as the Spokane Bombers for the 1940-41 season.

1945 - 1952: After World War II, the League re-emerged as a larger (two division/nine team) set up, with a maximum of eleven teams in 1946-1947 & 1949-1950. In the 1945-1946 season there was a North Division (New Westminster Royals, Portland Eagles, Seattle Ironmen & Vancouver Canucks) and a South Division (Hollywood Wolves, Los Angeles Monarchs, Oakland Oaks, San Diego Skyhawks and San Francisco Shamrocks). The Fresno Falcons and the Tacoma Rockets joined the league in time for the 1946-1947 season. The Hollywood Wolves however did not return for the 1947-1948 season and the Portland Eagles became the Portland Penguins in 1948-1949. The Victoria Cougars joined the league for the 1949-1950 season but the Oakland Oaks folded in December 1949 just 29 game into the season. The League then was reduced to a single Division and six teams for the 1950-1951 season (the Fresno Falcons left to join the United States Hockey League and the Los Angeles Monarchs, San Diego Skyhawks & San Francisco Shamrocks dropped out). The Portland Penguins changed their name back to the Portland Eagles. In the final season (1951-1952), the Portland Eagles dropped out and the Calgary Stampeders, Edmonton Flyers and Saskatoon Quakers joined from the Western Canada Senior Hockey League.
Portland Hockey Team Records, from 1914 to 1951
Season Team  League Pts Remarks
1914 - 1915  Portland Rosebuds  PCHA           
1915 - 1916 Portland Rosebuds  PCHA           
1916 - 1917  Portland Rosebuds  PCHA           
1917 - 1918  Portland Rosebuds  PCHA           
1925 - 1926  Portland Rosebuds  WHL           

1928 - 1928

Portland Buckaroos PCHL  14 17 5 33  Finished 3rd, Lost to Seattle (0-2) in 1st Round of playoffs
1929 - 1930 Portland Buckaroos PCHL  20 10 6 46  Finished 2nd, Lost to Vancouver (1-3) in Championship Series

1930 - 1931 

Portland Buckaroos PCHL  12 15 8 32  Finished 3rd

1933 - 1934 

Portland Buckaroos NWHL  10 21 3 23  Finished 5th (last)

1934 - 1935 

Portland Buckaroos NWHL  15 10 7 37  Finished 2nd, Lost to Vancouver (1-2) in 1st Round of playoffs

1935 - 1936 

Portland Buckaroos NWHL  18 14 8 44  Finished 2nd, Lost to Vancouver (1-2) in 1st Round of playoffs

1936 - 1937 

Portland Buckaroos PCHL  23 13 5 47  Finished 1st, Won PCHL Championship Series (3-0) against Spokane

1937 - 1938 

Portland Buckaroos PCHL  16 18 8 40  Finished 3rd, Lost to Vancouver (0-2) in 1st Round of playoffs

1938 - 1939 

Portland Buckaroos PCHL  31 9 8 70  Finished 1st, Won PCHL Championship Series (4-1) against Seattle

1939 - 1940 

Portland Buckaroos PCHL  17 18 5 39   

1940 - 1941 

Portland Buckaroos PCHL  20 27 1 41   

1943 - 1944 

Portland (Hancock Oil) Oilers NWIHL 6 8 2 14  

1943 - 1944 

Portland (DeCicco Tire) Tireman NWIHL 6 9 1 13  

1944 - 1945 

Portland Eagles  PCHL  19 7 1    

1944 - 1945 

Vancouver (Wash) Vanguards PCHL 8 16 1    

1945 - 1946 

Portland Eagles  PCHL  29 29      

1946 - 1947 

Portland Eagles  PCHL  39 21 0 78  

1947 - 1948 

Portland Eagles  PCHL  17 46 3 37  

1948 - 1949 

Portland Eagles  PCHL  32 31 7 71  

1949 - 1950 

Portland Eagles  PCHL  32 30 9 73  

1950 - 1951 

Portland Eagles  PCHL  30 32 8 68  
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