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Hockey Memorabilia From The Estate Of Rangers Legend, Murray Murdoch
Murray Murdoch was a fixture in Lester Patrick's line up for his entire NHL career, spanning 11 seasons and 508 games. The left wing wasn't a prolific scorer (only 84 goals worth), but his longevity was the mark that latter-day players compared themselves to. Murdoch never missed a game in his Blueshirts career, and only two other original Rangers lasted as long as Murdoch: Bill Cook retired along with Murdoch after the 1936-37 season (though missing 33 games along the way), and Frank Boucher played 12 consecutive seasons and 518 total games (not counting the short comeback in 1943-44).
Murdoch was used primarily as a checking wing, allowing the Cook brothers and Frank Boucher to work their magic with the puck. His biggest scoring output came in the 1933-34 season, when he tallied 17 goals and 27 points. There were only two pther season's when Murdoch's goal total reached double figures (13 in 1929-30, 14 in 1934-35), and in his final season he had 14 assists but no goals.
Murdoch was there from the very beginning of the franchise, and headed for retirement with a pair of Stanley Cup championship rings. Murdoch's playing career ended on Broadway, but he took his act north to New Haven, where he went on to a long and successful coaching career at Yale University.
Murray Murdoch's gold watch for playing in his 300th straight NHL game on March 17, 1932
300th game presentation box Murray Murdoch's gold watch 1 Murray Murdoch's gold watch 2 300th game watch and presentation box
Murray Murdoch's brass plaque for playing in his 500th NHL game on December 17, 1935
500th game brass plaque
(It was originally attached to a suitcase. That same evening the Rangers also presented suitcases to the four other original Rangers that were appearing in their 500th game, Bill & Bun Cook, Frank Boucher and Ching Johnson.)
1919-20 St. John's Midget team photo
1920 St. John's Midget Team photo
1923-24 St. John's College, Senior Intercollegiate Champions team photo
1924 St. John's College team photo
1927 Murray Murdoch, New York Rangers official player photo
1927 Murray Murdoch Rangers photo
1928 Murray Murdoch, Ching Johnson, Frank Boucher, Bill and Bun Cook wire photo
ranger5.jpg (67678 bytes)
1928 New York Rangers Ranger vs Red Wings Stanley Cup Playoffs photo
rangeraction.jpg (37788 bytes)
1930 Murray Murdoch, New York Rangers official player photo
Murray Murdoch Rangers photo
1931-32 New York Rangers team photo
1931-32 New York Ranger Hockey Team
Top row: Earl Seibert, "Ching" Johnson, Bill Cook, Lester Patrick, Murray Murdoch, Doug. Brennan, "Butch" Keeling, "Dutch" Gainor.
Bottom row: "Hib" Milks, Vic. Desjardins, Cecil Dillon, John Ross Roach, Frank Boucher, Art. Somers, "Bun" Cook, Harry Westerby.
1931-32 New York Rangers team postcard
rangerteam3.jpg (22535 bytes)
1932-33 Stanley Cup Champions New York Rangers team postcard
rangerteam.jpg (19735 bytes)
1937 New York Rangers team photo
1937 New York Rangers team photo
Back row: Lynn Patrick, Art Coulter, Ching Johnson, Bill Cook, Lester Patrick, Neil Colville, Ott Heller, Butch Keeling, Joe Cooper, Babe Pratt
Front row: Phil Watson, Mac Colville, Cecil Dillon, Davey Kerr, Frank Boucher, Alex Shibicky, Murray Murdoch, Harry Westerby (trainer)
Ching Johnson autographed photo
Ching Johnson autographed Photo
Lester Patrick autographed New York Rangers Christmas card
Lester Patrick auto. Christmas card
Murray on a fishing trip wearing his Rangers Jersey
murrayfishing.jpg (25073 bytes)
All hockey memorabilia and their images are the exclusive property of the owner and may not be reprinted, copied or used without written permission from the owner. For licensing or other questions please contact

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