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Pacific Coast Hockey League Team Photos And Vintage Hockey Memorabilia - Page 2
1929-1930 Portland Buckaroos Team Photo
1929-30 Portland Buckaroos individual photos
The team line-up included:
Pratt, Aitkenhead, McGoldrick, Teel, Conn (Capt.), Lyon, Donnie, Coupez, Burke, Hardacker, Huffman & Rowe (Mgr.), Armstrong
1934-1935 Portland Buckaroos Team Photo # 1
1934-35 Portland Buckaroos Team photo
The team line-up included:
Pesky, Rowe (Mgr.), Aitkenhead, Evans, Jempson, Lyon, Arbour, Hemmerling, Fraser, Blyth, Munson
1934-1935 Portland Buckaroos Team Photo # 2
1934-35 Portland Buckaroos team photo - 2
The team line-up included:
Arbour, Munson, Blyth, Fraser, Evans, Jempson, Aitkenhead (Capt.), Rowe (Mgr.), Lyon, Hemmerling.
1938-39 Portland Buckaroos, Pacific Coast Hockey League Champions
1938-39 Portland Buckaroos team photo, PCHL Champs
Photo line-up (Left to Right):
Ail, Martin, Scarfe, Webster, McCartney, Sutherland, Scott, Bobby Rowe (Mgr.), Marit Rowe, Gilmore, Conn, Ouellette, Holmes, Vickers, Aitkenhead, La. Prinze

1938-39 Team record:
31 wins, 9 losses, 8 ties
Finished 1st, Won PCHL Championship Series (4-1) against Seattle
1937 Owen Lennon, Vancouver Lions and Bob Gilmour , Portland Buckaroos Photo
Owen Lennon and Bob Gilmour photo
Left photo
Owen "Luke" Lennon, 1936-37 Vancouver Lions
Right photo
Bob Gilmour, 1936-37 Portland Buckaroos
Moose Johnston, Bobby Rowe And Sammy McAdams Photo
Sammy McAdam, Vancouver Lions photo
Middle photo
Sammy McAdam, 1929-1930 Vancouver Lions
Top Right
Portland Buckaroos - Bobby Rowe (Mgr.)
Bottom left
Al Braunstein (Trainer)
Top left
Bottom right
Moose Johnston
George Cameron, 1928-1929 Calgary Falcons Goalie
George Cameron, Calgary Falcons goalie
Bill "Speed" Hutton, 1933-1934 Calgary Tigers.
Bill Hutton Calgary Tigers
Ron "Peaches" Lyons, 1933-1934 Portland Buckaroos
Peaches Lyons, Portland Buckaroos
Ronnie Martin, 1936-1937 Portland Buckaroos
Ronnie Martin signed photo
Photo is signed
To my pal Ron with best wishes, Ronnie Martin.
Leo Coupez, Dave Downie, "Peaches" Lyons, 1929-1930 Portland Buckaroos.
1929-30 Portland Buckaroo players
1956-1957 New Westminster Royals, Pacific Coast League Champions Team Photo
1956-57 New Westminster Royals Team Photo
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